What do Bloggers Write About?

Bloggers write about a number of things. They can write about anything. For example, a blogger could write about how there day is going or how they feel about the upcomming presedential campaign or they could write about the weather or why they decided to buy a certain type of shoe. There is an infinite … Continue reading

Lessons Learned About Rhetorical Analysis

The lessons I’ve learned about a rhetorical analysis is that the form of argumentation in the paper can be used in more than just english class. You can use it to argue a point against your friends or family. It is objectively arguing a point. Also it isn’t a very long paper and it only … Continue reading

Lessons Learned About Objective Summaries

The lessons I’ve learned about objective summaries is that you have to be strictly objective. You cannot give your own opinion at all whatsoever other you turn your objective summary into an evaluation which you do not want to do. It is short and sweet and gets to the point. An objective summary can be … Continue reading

What I Learned About Synthesis Papers

The goal of a synthesis paper is to compare and contrast different authors ideas about a controversial topic objectively and then add your own opinion afterwards. You have to make it seem like the authors are debating in a sense or what they would say if they were. What made this paper hard to write … Continue reading

Nuclear War

The summary I have found about nuclear war describes devastating results if it were ever to occur. Just during the initial attack of nuclear bombs would cause tens of millions of people to die and tens of millions more the comming years after because of radiation or fallout, etc. The global economy would collapse because of … Continue reading

The Dude

Everyone should see the movie “The Big Lebowski”. It’s a comedy based on an unemployed bowling enthusiast that gets caught up with the wrong people by mistaken identity. He find himself having to resolve a kidnapping that involves a handicapped millinaire, a nymphomaniac trophy wife, and a small group of pornographers. He is known as … Continue reading

Hit and Run

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin a Mequon man named Vladimir Krivoshein hit a police officer on a bike while driving intoxicated and did not stop after hitting him. Krivoshein is 47 years old and he was driving a van at the time. He says that he was drinking a lot of vodka prior to the incident and … Continue reading

Meditation Flash Mob for Peace

This meditating flash mob organized a peaceful event to promote the international day of peace. A flash mob is a big group of people that get together at a certain time and specific place, then they all start doing the same thing at the same time. This perticular flash mob is part of a wider community called … Continue reading

Peer Review Thoughts

I enjoyed the peer review it gave me more understanding of what I need to do to improve my paper. I liked how people showed me my strong points and my weak points within my essay. Overall I think we should do this for every paper if possible.

The Impact of Tropical Storm Lee

The recent Tropical Storm Lee caused flooding from Virginia to New York. There were more than 100,000 people that had to evacuate and at least 11 people have died because of the storm’s impact. Another side effect to the storms flooding is that the sewage treatment plants within the towns are currently underwater and no longer … Continue reading