The Impact of Tropical Storm Lee

The recent Tropical Storm Lee caused flooding from Virginia to New York. There were more than 100,000 people that had to evacuate and at least 11 people have died because of the storm’s impact. Another side effect to the storms flooding is that the sewage treatment plants within the towns are currently underwater and no longer working for the time being, therefore, the flood water is tainted with toxins and sewage. Pennsylvania Governer Tom Corbett is warning people to not even go near the water if you do not have to. The President Barack Obama also declared a state of emergency for Pennsylvania and New York early Friday. The damage was concentrated along the Susquehanna in Wilkes-Barre and dozens of miles up the river in Binghamton, NY. The Susguehanna has crested at 38.8 feet which is nearly as high as the past record of 40.9 feet in 1972.

I believe this article is significant because it has effected so many peoples lives in our country just because of one tropical storm. All these people have lost so much within their homes because of flooding and it will take lots of time to recover from it. Some people have even lost there lives which is not acceptable. The entire United States needs to be aware of this occurance and should attempt to provide any little bit of assitance they can to the people in need.


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