What do Bloggers Write About?

Bloggers write about a number of things. They can write about anything. For example, a blogger could write about how there day is going or how they feel about the upcomming presedential campaign or they could write about the weather or why they decided to buy a certain type of shoe. There is an infinite … Continue reading

Lessons Learned About Rhetorical Analysis

The lessons I’ve learned about a rhetorical analysis is that the form of argumentation in the paper can be used in more than just english class. You can use it to argue a point against your friends or family. It is objectively arguing a point. Also it isn’t a very long paper and it only … Continue reading

Lessons Learned About Objective Summaries

The lessons I’ve learned about objective summaries is that you have to be strictly objective. You cannot give your own opinion at all whatsoever other you turn your objective summary into an evaluation which you do not want to do. It is short and sweet and gets to the point. An objective summary can be … Continue reading