The purpose of an objective summary is to summarize something objectively without stating your own opinion. These skills can be used todescribe movies to friends or explaining the highlights of a sports game. It’s a good way to summarize becaue it’s short and sweet and gets to the point.

A rhetorical analysis essay involves the evaluation of a specific article, reading, or essay that some one esle wrote. You start by objectively stating how they wrote it, but then you evaluate by giving your own opinion. You also write about whether the author is credible enough to be trusted with their essay.

A synthesis paper involves using atleast three sources to evaluate a specific topic or controversy. You want to make the sources “talk” to each other within your paper with quotes and say what you think each author would say as if they were debating. After that you want to argue your opinion on the topic as well and your side of the argument.

A research paper is pretty much self explanatory. You would do a lot of reasearch on a specific topic/controversy and argue your side with your sources. You also want to add some of the opponents arguments in there and then argue it yourself to back up your claims even further. It needs to be in APA format mostly and the bibliography needs to be annoted with a references page afterwards. Make sure you cite every time you use a source or quote because otherwise it’s considered plagiarism.


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