Lessons Learned

Audience and Genre

The things I’ve learned about audience and genre is that no matter what kind of paper you write your audience will always be different with different genres.  For example, if you were to write about nuclear weapons your audience would be political activists (primarily those for abolishment of nuclear weapons), the governments of a country such as congress or the president for example, and even people who are for proliferation. Your target audience would definitely not be little kids. Sometimes your audience could be difficult to determine, but if you think about who would want to read your paper objectively it can be determined.

Community and Writing Process

 The writing process can be a very complex form. There are many different ways to write a paper. For example there’s MLA, APA, and Chicago style, etc. The list goes on but MLA and APA are the main type of writing someone will use especially in high school or college. MLA is almost like APA but it is different for a lot of reasons. MLA is perticularly for smaller papers that the average person might want to read. It could be a paper about anything: objective summarys, rhetorical analysis’, or even synthesis analysis papers. The list goes on. Now, for an APA style paper it is mostly used for a research paper because researchers that use it usually do not have time to read the entire paper. They use the abstract to get the summary of the paper to see if they can even use it and then skim threw it to find the information they need if they need it. The abstract is something that will not be found in an MLA paper which seperates them from each other and citing a source is slightly diferent as well. A bibliography will be required in a research paper and a references page. Another major detail is that in most papers you want to write in 3rd person rather than 1st or 2nd. If you write in first you may lose some credibility in the fact the the reader may think you are just stating your opinion and most of the time you don’t want to make the paper about you. Although, it does depend on what kind of paper you are writing but most of the time you want to stick with 3rd person.

Strengths and Weaknesses

 My strengths in writing papers is that I have a lot of practice. In high school I took an optional Advanced Composition class that went into great detail on how to write a great paper. The class was extremely boring and difficult but it made me a better writer today. We had to include a lot of rhetoric in our papers which now I would say is one of my strengths. One of my weaknesses is that I feel like I take a longer than average amount of time to write a paper, but it normally turns out good in the end so I’m not complaining. Another one of my strengths would be that I get to the point of the paper and I don’t talk in circles by reforming the same fact or sentence in a different way. Another strength for me is that it is easy for my to write in 3rd person with all of the practice I’ve had. It almost comes naturally. My high school teacher always taught us to stay away from these four words: “Things, you, get, a lot.” He said if we stayed away from using these word then that alone would make our paper look great and I believe it has helped me a lot because I rarely use these words in a paper anymore unless its absolutely necesary for some reason. I see how it improves my paper because it forces you to think of more sophisticated words to include in your paper which improves your credibility.


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